News: Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever announce new album and unveil superb hyperkinetic single ‘The Way It Shatters’

Feature Photograph: Nick Mckk

In very exciting news, Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (RBCF) have today announced the release of their third album, ‘Endless Rooms’ – out Friday, 6 May 2022 through Ivy League Records and Sub Pop.

Of course this a welcome return following the magnificent album ‘Sideways to the New Italy‘ which made Backseat Mafia’s top 50 albums for 2020 and my favourite 2020 music list from Australia and New Zealand, which seems eons ago. It also follows a much postponed tour schedule to promote that album. How quickly time has flown.

To whet the appetite, RBCF have unveiled a hyperkinetic single ‘The Way It Shatters’ which exhibits the band’s trademark pop sensibilities and keenly crafted sense of humour and wit. The remorseless insistent and wandering bass creates a liquidity and sense of endless movement under the rippling, splashing guitars and the whip smart vocals.

The video for ‘The Way It Shatters’ was directed by Nick Mckk, who said of the process:

The new album has a night time feeling, so we wanted to explore shooting the whole thing from sundown. Fran had the idea of revisiting memories, of resetting groundhog day style, but each time we come back the world is a little different. The attraction of light works as a narrative device, coaxing Joe into this house of memories, and back out again.

The watery beginnings seem to perfectly fit the flow of the track:

Of the forhcoming album, the band says:

It’s almost an anti-concept album. The Endless Rooms of the title reflects our love of creating worlds in our songs. We treat each of them as a bare room to be built up with infinite possibilities.”

‘Endless Rooms’ will be available on digital, CD, black vinyl & Sub Pop’s limited edition Loser opaque yellow vinyl on 6 May, 2022 through Ivy League Records in Australia and New Zealand and Sub Pop for the rest of the world. You can pre-order the album here.


  1. Pearl Like You
  2. Tidal River
  3. The Way It Shatters
  4. Caught Low
  5. My Echo
  6. Dive Deep
  7. Open Up Your Window
  8. Blue Eye Lake
  9. Saw You At The Eastern Beach
  10. Vanishing Dots
  11. Endless Rooms
  12. Bounce Off The Bottom

Feature Photograph: Nick Mckk

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