News: Yify Zhang Shares Defiant New Single ‘This is the Year’

Beijing-born, cinematic-electronic solo artist Yify Zhang shares the new single ‘This is the Year’, combining anthemic-pop elements with her distinctive cinematic electronica style. As listeners embark on this transformative journey, they are invited into Yify’s world of sound healing and profound musical expression.

Yify’s musical odyssey began at the tender age of 5 when she first picked up the violin. Despite a spinal injury altering her trajectory away from performance, Yify found solace and passion in composition and songwriting. Her music seamlessly blends electronic film composition, singer-songwriter storytelling, and the therapeutic power of sound frequencies. As a singer-songwriter and sound healer, she captivates audiences with emotionally charged performances that bridge the realms of heart and spirit.

‘This is the Year’ represents a departure for Yify, embracing a more pop anthemic style while retaining the atmospheric, cinematic, and uplifting qualities that define her work. The track emerged during a period of self-discovery for Yify, as she prioritized honoring her own voice over external expectations.

The intention behind ‘This is the Year’ is crystal clear — to craft an anthem for those ready to declare and manifest their dreams. The song encourages listeners to embody their true selves, summoning the courage to pursue their aspirations. Its uplifting and cathartic nature serves as a rallying cry, inspiring all to live authentically.

“Dreams are meant to be realized, and the process begins with a simple declaration that you will try,” says Yify.

Listen below:

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