Premiere: Brisbane’s Fresco Kyoto’s ultra cool track ‘You Save Me’ is augmented by an enigmatic ethereal video. Out through Double Drummer.

Feature Photograph: Vivid Visual Co.

We are overjoyed to bring an exclusive early look at the new video from Brisbane’s purveyor of ultra chic indie pop, Fresco Kyoto, for their track ‘You Save Me’. Signed to the brilliant boutique label Double Drummer label, Fresco Kyoto is band developing a reputation for their dark wave indie pop and masterful songwriting craft. ‘You Save Me’ is indelible evidence of this. Redolent of cool summer evenings and a sense of blissful yearning, it is a song that glides through the ether with ease of a shimmering meteor shower.

The band says of the track:

A person has realised that they have entrapped their love in a relationship that is proving to be defined by their own flaws. Through self sacrifice the person determines the way they rise above their ailment is on their own, and that their partner must move on to a better life. This song is an ode to time and the revelations it unveils.

The lyrics have a poetic grace and poignancy about them:

Sinking ships to drown you out
All the while you take my breath away
Do my best to feel around
Try to set you free from my mind
You tried to save me
Just like you saved me before
But I think that I’d prefer to see you run

The video, directed by Brendan Schoenmaker (Greta Stanley, Sahara Beck), is a deceptively simple yet effective perfomance piece interspersed with a motorcycle rider drifting through the night – lit with a sort of Nicolas Winding Refn/Michael Mann neon infused universe that evokes a dreamy reverie.

The band says of the video:

Making this video was an experience none of us will forget in a hurry…We were simply blown away at the sheer scale of the shoot upon entering the studio. The set was phenomenal, the lighting rigs were unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and the professionalism of the crew was beyond measure! How lucky we feel to have worked on this project with such a talented group.

The lighting and tone creates a hazy, bleary eyed late night fugue.

We were extremely fortunate to have worked on this project with a director in Brendan Schoenmaker who from day one seemed to understand exactly what the song needed as if he’d written it himself. The shifts that the video makes tonally perfectly match corresponding shifts in the song. He was also able to extract a performance out of us that highlighted emotional aspects of the song we were not ourselves aware of. We are hoping viewers who have already heard the song experience similar realisations.

The result is something quite mesmerising and immersive:

‘You Save Me’ is out everywhere through all the usual downloading and streaming sites.

Feature Photograph: Vivid Visual Co.

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