Premiere: Fingerless – Tambourine Addict Who Plays the Drugs

We are thrilled to premiere the new single ‘Tambourine Addict Who Plays the Drugs’ from Queensland’s Fingerless – a phenomenal psych-folk rollercoaster of a ride. Referencing the legendary Joel Gion, the madcap tambourine player and all round star of The Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM), the song is a hazy fugue of swirling guitars, thumping rhythms and a psychedelic high that perfectly walks the line between genres while capturing a unique sound.

Singer/guitarist, Marc Cheeseman said of the recording of this song that the band:

…wanted this recording to sound like our live performances, not an overproduced, technically-accurate studio recording. So we recorded the backing track live with no click track, and then just overdubbed the vocals. We also sneakily added some acoustic guitar for extra “vibes”

The result is has a veracity about it – a warm organic feel that starts with a slow build dreamy introduction, punctuated with a thunderous chorus, and culminating in a crescendo, riven with a motoring drone spine throughout. It nods at BJM, with the bombast of The Stone Roses in parts and a touch of seventies stoner rock.

The single is out on 10 July 2019, released through that paragon of a label, Valley Heat (surely the best musical treasure hunter in Australia) and you can get it here from that date.

Fingerless released a brilliant album ‘Outhere’ last year which, on listening for the first time now, I sincerely regret not exploring on its release. It is packed with melody-laden stoner psych/folk pop songs that would fit comfortably anywhere between The Dandy Warhols and BJM. Even with touches of Radiohead. Think jangly guitars, harmonies, illicit substances, psychedelic interludes and feedback. This brilliant album (which I would retrospectively rate an 8.5 out of ten) is available now through here. You can hear it below and have your mind pleasantly blown.

This is a seriously overlooked band (by me, anyway!) and I’m really looking forward to what comes next.

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