Premiere: Keys – I only want you for your Rock and Roll

Following on from their last single Black and White, welsh five piece Keys have returned with the scuzzy, sweat inducing, fuzz-rock of ‘I only want you for your rock and roll’, and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia.

Although it’s gritty and has this musty air of Stooges-like psych hanging over it, its actually a love song, albeit one celebrating carnal and spiritual desire. As Matt Evans, the band’s singer, explains: “I wrote the song on the day I proposed to my wife and it was an early wedding present for her”.

Hanging it’s musical jacket close to BRMC and even the Jesus and Mary Chain, it’s fun, rough-edged and deliciously catchy from beginning to end. As the band say, they wanted to do “the simplest, dumbest, directest song” possible that could still grab your soul. They succeeded.

Prepare to fall for it right here

I only want you for your Rock and Roll is out via Libertino Records on August 9th.

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