Premiere: Monsterwatch release new video for Somewhere

Seattle pop rockers Monsterwatch are back with a new track ‘Somewhere’ , and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today, along with its accompanying video.

The band told us exclusively “‘Somewhere’ is the finale to the continuous three track EP “Noise You Will Never Care About.”
The song is about realizing certain things you’re unhappy with in your life,  or bad habits within yourself but somehow always getting pulled back into them.

The video came to fruition when we went to Screwdriver Bar (in the Barnes Building in Belltwon, Seattle) to check out the location and get some ideas.  The owner showed us some abandoned lofts up above and it really opened up our options for the video. Without those lofts the video definitely would have come out as creepy and dark as we intended.

We recorded the EP back in September, 2020.  The idea was to make the three songs one continuous track and experimenting with guitar feedback and certain pedals to create some chaotic sounds as the lead in between each song.  We recorded at Mothership Studios at Alma Mater in Tacoma, WA.  We tracked all three songs live and ended up using the first take as the final.  We tried maybe 5 or 6 times but realized the first take was the most raw sounding.”

Built on these muscular repeating riffs, which scorch the track with their power and brevity, Somewhere powers it’s way through the full 3 minutes and a bit with noise and heavy drums and feedback and these wild vocals. The whole thing builds and then comes crashing down. And boy, it’s exciting.

Check it out, here

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