Premiere: The Floodgates – Broken Kite

Tumbridge Wells three piece The Floodgates began as a folk duo, before graduating (and bear in mind that they’re still all in their teenage years) into a fully fledged indie / alt band. The trio, Martin Stenning, Alex Wane and Tim Fullbrook have today allowed us to premiere their new single Broken Kite right here on Backseat Mafia.

The James Simpson (Get Inuit) produced record is a follow up to previous releases ‘God KNows’ and ‘You’, and deals with the story of an attention addicted girl, as the band opt for a slightly meatier sound than their previous efforts. It opens with this sauntering folk indie accompaniment, decorated (beautifully) with these swooning guitars, until we’re treated to these languid, and laid back vocals as it makes like a sunny afternoon out. ‘I’m doing fine’ goes the song.

Us too.

The band has also released details of a handful of live dates in support. Full details below.
floodgates tour dates

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