LE VOLUME COURBE, aka Charlotte Marionneau: if you love a certain cultish, Gallic erudition in your indie songwriting, you have to say it’s more than a little great to see her back.

Following a brush with mortality last year, the urge to release music again for herself “became like a vital thing”. (She’s been a member of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds for three years now, her last album as Le Volume Courbe being 2015’s lovely I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me.)

She’s today poised on the eve of release of Fourteen Years, the first in a triad of EPs that will go on to make up her third album.

She released the frankly adorable leftfield quirkjazz of the title track at the back end of the September, and we fell for it, righteously (we took a look at it here); and today she’s really got a pantheon of greats involved for one final teaser for her new EP – a cover of Daniel Johnston’s sweet, primitivist torch song “Mind Contorted”, featuring additional vocals from none other than Terry Hall and guitar from a certain Noel Gallagher. Have a looksee at the cute, solarised video accompanying; we’ve embedded it below.

“I chose to cover the song with Terry because we are both huge fans of Daniel Johnston,” Charlotte says. 

“We first recorded it with Terry’s son Theodore and Kevin Shields in my flat in London in 2012.

“Earlier this year I decided to finally mix it and asked Kevin to re-do his guitar parts. He agreed, but Kevin being Kevin I didn’t want to wait a year, so I asked Noel if he didn’t mind stepping in. 

“I asked him on Tuesday and he said, ‘OK. Friday, 2pm!’ Et voilà!”

Le Volume Courbe’s Fourteen Years EP is released by Honest Jon’s tomorrow on a rather sexy 10″ – order yours here.

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