See: A Minor releases video for Thinking bout the things, plus release details

The weather is awful today. The wind is howling through the trees, my journey to work on the motorway was frankly awful as the lorries veered every time we got out into the open air as the wind hit them, and there are bins and clothes and buckets and whatever else all over the road as additional hazards as I drive around.

Yet, strangely, in my mind its still summer. Seems that might be the case for mysterious (read, there’s hardly any information freely available abut him) producer and songwriter A Minor. He releasing this summer anthem on 16th December on Spinnin’ Records. Its said he has a magnificent beard, apt really given the time of year.

It’s accompanied by a typically summery video, featuring girls beaches and, well, antics I suppose you might say. It has this delicious vocal hook, which comes and goes, submerged and reappears and basically just gets inside your head and fits perfectly over the house style keyboards and beats that crank up the warmth underneath.

Lovely weather this……


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