SEE: PABST share video for new single “Hell”

Berlin’s Pabst have shared the video for brand-new single Hell, a song that openly confronts the darker emotions within one’s self. Drummer Tore Knipping explains:

“The song Hell is about the darker feelings inside of you, them returning once in a while and sucking you into a hole. It sounds feasible; enlightenment can sometimes only be found through suffering, but sometimes it is so dark down there that you just can’t see whom you’ve made a pact with: “Gave everything to the devil, got nothing in return”.

This depression will make you get stuck and lose the connection to reality – no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that this is only a phase and that you can get out of it. You try to regain control and live a life as they recommend you to, and yet it somehow only feels borrowed and strange. Like a bad comedy show. Even if you manage to get out of it, the fear
of entering this zone overcomes you again – a fear of fear.

And then the song is also about friends, acquaintances and the family and how they deal with the situation – when they realize that they just cannot help how they’d like to, they may feel invisible. These people too seem to make an acquaintance with hell.”

Pabst are: Erik Heise (vocals guitar), Tilman Kettner (bass) & Tore Knipping (drums)

If there was anything else that could be said as to the nature of this track, it would be simply to say listen.

“Did the Manc-indie rock scene transport to mainland Europe” I hear you say. Powerful with a huge back wall of sound, this screams indie festival.

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