News: Steel Trees Tour Starts Tomorrow!

The Greek Islands in the brochures, always seem to look so beautiful and tranquil. Behind that though and everyone realises that they can be party Islands as well. When I had just started work (i.e. was desperately broke) I spent an entire day with my then housemate searching for deals on Teletext holidays (those were the days eh) for somewhere to go, but more importantly a late deal the important thing really being how cheap we could get it. He wasn’t bothered but me, well I wanted a slice of the Greek Islands…

The point I’m making (not particularly saliently I’ll grant you)  is that just because something is last-minute, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t grab the opportunity. If you read this blog at all, you will know how much we love local boys Steel Trees (read here) and their sort of stoner-punk-blues, reminiscent of illuminaries such as Queen of the Stone Age and the like. And it’s not just us either – Classic Rock and 6Music’s Tom Robinson are also admirers. So its your chance now to grab tickets for the tour that starts tomorrow in London. The full tour dates are as follows:


steel trees tour

These boys are a must see live, after all you don’t get to support artists like  Dinosaur Jr, Turbowolf, Dinosaur Pile Up and Qemists (all within the last year) without being one of the most exciting and upcoming acts on the circuit at the moment. And, you don’t call your album tour ‘Drool’ without some air of self-confidence. But there’s more than that too. Towards the end of the month (well, the 25th) the boys are also releasing a new single, called ‘Revolution’, taken from their debut album ‘Attack of The Stoner Zombie Killer Kids’ and a wonderous slab of gruff, grungy, riff-o-rama (I think I made a word up then)

Steel Trees – Revolution

So, Greece. Actually I never went, and I still haven’t. Dorset was a cheaper option. And (maybe surprisingly, was pretty good as well) I still wouldn’t pass up getting a last-minute deal on Steel Trees tickets though, that’s for sure.

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