Soundtrack of our lives: Alex Lowe (Hurricane #1)

Hurricane Number One are back with a new album, a new line up and, following a bout of serious illness, front-man Alex Lowe is revitalised and breathing new life it to the band …” I have been fighting cancer for over a year and had kidney failure – I should be dead at least 3 times. Some people didn’t hold out much hope, but hey I’m here with the band and I’m ready to Rock’n’Roll. “

We asked Alex to fill us in on the music that makes the soundtrack to his life…

BM: You’ve got a relatively new line up for the band. What music would you say brings you all together as a band?

AL: Well this time around with this new H#1 lineup it has to be the Beatles. Chris our drummer is from Liverpool and I am a massive Beatles fan, like the rest of the guys. So it has to be The Beatles that got this, line up together.

BM: Do you have a tour bus favourite?

AL: As in Song? I listen to a lot of Beatles and Stones but i personally I love REM so i have that on my phone.

BM: About yourself, what was the song that inspired you to become a musician?

AL: That’s a tough one. I don’t think there was ever one track, I think it was a style of music and that being the 60,s when I was 14 I couldn’t get enough of the Hollies the Beatles all that stuff, also AC/DC when i was a kid.

BM: What was the first record you ever bought?

AL: The first record I ever bought was the Beatles For Sale album. I was 14, I actually made an excuse and bought it for my mums xmas but it was really for me. I remember my grandfather giving me £4 to buy it for her, I think he knew it was for me.


BM: Talking of parents, was their anything in their record collection that attracted your attention?

AL: Witchita Lineman Glen Campbell

BM: What was the first song you ever covered?

AL: Twist & Shout

BM: Is there a song you’d like to cover, but can’t or won’t?

AL: I cant speak for the other guys but mine would have to be God only Knows by The Beach Boys. Its to perfect i would hate to ruin it.

BM: Is there any particular tune that really inspires you?

AL: Not sure on that one I have loads that inspire me i change everyday.

BM: Anything in your collection that we might be surprised that you like?

AL: I love Glen Miller Big Band stuff and Rockabilly.

BM: Saturday night, what’s your tune?

AL: Stay With Me by The Faces.

BM: And Sunday morning?

AL: Good Day Sunshine The Beatles.

BM: The track most likely to get you on the dance floor?

AL: I don’t dance but if i did it would be Stuck In The Middle With You.

BM: What’s your Karaoke tune?

AL: Come Fly With Me.

BM: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

AL: Pickles.

BM: What record will you have at your funeral?

AL: Find The River, REM.

BM: What’s your favourite track made by your friends?

AL: That is tough. Anything by Primal Scream.

BM: Which band should be bigger?

AL: Hurricane#1

BM: From your own back catalogue, which song are you most proud of/means the most to you? Why?

AL: I think ‘Step Into My World’ is the one I’m most proud of . It was our first major hit record and I was proud of that at the time it meant a lot to me and still does.

BM: Nice one Alex. It’s good to have you back.

You can catch Hurricane No.1 on the second stage at the Gigantic Indie All-Dayer –  on Saturday 23rd May(see below).

Gigantic Indie All-Dayer –  Saturday 23rd May.

Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester

1.30PM – 11.30PM Tickets £29.00 Advance Box Office: 0161 832 1111 /


Doors open at 1.30pm the same time as the Real Ale and Cider Festival

Echo And The Bunnymen – on stage 10.05pm

Plus Very Special Guests Inspiral Carpets (Greatest Hits set) – on stage 8.30pm

Pop Will Eat Itself (Greatest Hits set) – on stage 7.00pm

Gang Of Four – on stage 5.35pm

Hurricane #1 – on stage 4.30pm

The Primitives – on stage 3.30pm

The Annual Gigantic Raffle – get down early and collect your free entry tickets – 3.00pm

SECOND STAGE – MANCHESTER ACADEMY 2 – Doors open at 4.30pm

The High – on stage 10.00pm

EAT – on stage 8.25pm

Diesel Park West – performing their classic album Shakespeare Alabama – on stage 6.55pm

Milltown Brothers – on stage 5.35pm


Echobelly – on stage 10.00pm

The Woodentops – on stage 8.25pm

Mark Morriss – on stage 6.55pm

BOB – on stage 5.35pm

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