Brave The Cold, is a Death-Grind duo featuring Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris and Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren, have released the video for their track ‘Apparatus’, taken from the bands debut album Scarcity via Mission Two Entertainment

Harris further explains,

“’Apparatus’ is about a socially repressive cabal whose sole agenda is maximising the transfer of wealth and power from poorer, middle class consumers to a thin sliver of the wealthiest via submissive fear ideology. Through an intensive program of isolation, bombardment with propaganda and behaviourally suggestive content before reaching the global eye, the ‘Apparatus’ is distressing civil liberties in an era of inconceivable technological corporate wizardry, oppression, censorship and domination.”

As expected from these two metal heavy weights the track is a crushing hammer blow to the senses which clatters and pounds its way out of the speakers. Harris is on form here and anyone familiar with his work in Napalm Death will dig this track as will fans of megadeath drummer Verbeuren, who’s insane pounding of the drum kit drive this track.

Check it out, here

Album ‘Scarcity’ is available now digitally and can be ordered on vinyl here