Track: Deadshowws exude power and riffage in the anthemic punk pop track ‘Baltimore’.

Hailing from the Central Coast in New South Wales, Deadshowws have just unveiled a blistering piece of punky poppy rock artistry in their new single ‘Baltimore’. Displaying an acute sense of melody filtering through a robust and aggressive delivery, this is an outburst that is considered and controlled and manages to avoid cliched quiet/loud patterns. The guitars are quite eviscerating, out done only by the acerbic lyrics that takes aim at falsity and pretentiousness while simultaneously observing the transience in life:

There was a group of people at a show of ours and they were acting heaps cool and loud and better than everyone and they just pissed us off. And then we started playing the show and they were front row dancing like they were our best mates, which ties in with the lyrics in the chorus, ‘Slowish Soho dancing, everyone just seems so fucking fake’. And the rest of the song is about the ever-changing world we live in, and the constant technology that surrounds us.

A mixture that entails observations on change delivered in a powder keg:

‘Baltimore’ is out now and can be streamed/downloaded here.

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