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Tolga Bölükbasi

Brixton based Turkish artist Emir Taha has shared his new single ‘Astigmat’, out now on Polydor Records. Taken from an upcoming project due this spring, ‘Astigmat’ continues his knack for combining Anatolian psychedelia with the bump and grind of South London. The verses are sung in his mother tongue and the choruses in English.

‘Astigmat’ is a song about inner conflict, as Taha explains:

“It’s a post-break up song where one part of you is blindly optimistic and loyal to the idea that a good thing will never come to an end, but the other part is aware that trying to keep the thought of someone alive in your head and not trying to move on is futile, when that someone is already at a different place in their lives. After a certain point, this clash starts to affect you not just mentally, but physically as well. You feel sore, your sleep gets disturbed and you feel drained. That is why the song is called Astigmat (Astigmatism). Once you realise that hoping and waiting doesn’t change anything, you figure out you can’t do this to yourself anymore but once you’re at that point, your vision is already blurred and you have lost perspective on things.”

A hypnotic and moving track which flows from rhythmic verses to fast flowing melodic choruses. Taha blends his two main genres perfectly and the effect is interesting and deeply affecting music. His voice can either soothe in long drawn out vowels or grab hold in short stabbing phrases mix this with his knack of a cracking tune and you can’t help but become a fan.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Taha’s Facebook

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