Track: Jemma Freeman And The Cosmic Something – Nobody Ever

Suzi Corker

Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something have released their new single ‘Nobody Ever’ taken from their new album ‘Miffed’ due on the 25th of November via Trapped Animal Records. 

With a soundtrack that matches its melancholic lyrics, Jemma says that the track is: 

“a break up song that I wrote before I knew I was in the middle of a break up. I often struggle to recognise what I am feeling, something quite common for neurodivergent people, it’s only recently I understood that you can identify your feelings within your body. However my songwriting seems to magically bypas my brain, it won’t be the first time that I’ve written something that accurately predicts or documents a major life event. “
Jemma goes on to explain:

“I originally wasn’t keen on recording this in the studio as the guitar part is quite unfamiliar territory for me, we affectionately called this ‘the pop song’ as a working title because of its pop punk affectations, but the guys convinced me it was a hit so we did it right at the end of the 3 days we recorded the album in. It’s in standard tuning which due to my Hypermobility I find quite hard to play for any length of time (I’ve developed my own special tunings that are less taxing on my hands) I managed a couple of takes but I had to get Sam to play the main part as my hands totally cramped up. You can hear the exhaustion in the very last round of chords where I can barely voice the notes. It seemed to match the sentiment of the song perfectly – the last drop of energy squeezed, until it fades to become completely imperceptible.”

Freeman gives a stellar performance here, backed by a punchy backing the track has a swagger to it that burrows right under your skin. The incendiary guitar tone and glorious gritty vocal line, particularly with the chorus, give the track an uplifting epic feel with the band sounding energised as they treat us to something that’s very real and of the moment.

Check it out, here

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Pre-order the album here

Read our interview with the band here

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