Track: Leddie Mc – Those Were The Days

Still on the road to releasing her EP in September and after sharing two impressive tracks over the last two months ‘Answer Me’ and ‘Fork In The Road’, Leddie is back sharing her third track ‘Those Were The Days’ via Elegantly Ugly.

Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Donnelly, Bass by Steve Hoggart and ft Genesis Elijah and Greg Blackman

The brilliance comes from the combination of styles. Chilled blues and Blackman’s soulful vocals set the scene for Leddie and Elijah to bring the heartfelt lyrics regarding the teachings of the older generation and what they leave behind. Leddie delivers with such focus as she reminisces. That’s the beauty of Leddie’s lyrics as she covers subjects close to her heart yet we can all relate too. A well crafted track with the contributors having the freedom to make their own mark showing that Leddie is more than just intelligent lyrics.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook

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