TRACK: Northern Portrait – At Attention

FOR followers of Matinee Recordings and contemporary indie-pop as a whole, this is exciting news. Anyone who has listened to Northern Portrait’s debut album, turning eleven this year (!), will acknowledge it as one of the points of reference for the genre.

Criminal Art Lovers is simply a collection of instant classics, such as very few are released. A gorgeous emotional overflowing of melodies – with clear Smithsian echoes, obviously. Please make yourself a favour and have a listen (not that easy unfortunately but doable with limited effort).

Matinee has now announced the release of a new track by the Danish band, which precedes a new LP release (the second, eleven years after the first). The track is titled “At Attention” and features all that makes the band endearing (full, captivating melodies), even though with a less immediate and “rockier” character. The new album is titled The Swiss Army and it’s scheduled for release in early 2021.

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