Track: Rockers Psyence Share Full Throttle New Single ‘Nobody Understands’

Alternative rock quintet Psyence release their new single ‘Nobody Understands’, a full throttle explosion tinted with a splash of psychedelic haze.

Jumping straight into the driving drums and pulsing bass line, ‘Nobody Understands’ quickly sets the intense, unrelenting tone prevalent throughout. Airy distant vocals, dappled whooshes white noises and splashes of delayed guitar adorn the repetitive bass riff giving the intro a slight Kasabian-esque atmosphere before the pointed, urgent and lightly distorted lead vocal enter with a Humbug era Alex Turner-esque delivery.

As the track builds, gradually picking up steam towards an explosive breakdown, we are soon treated to one of the most pleasing, octave-fuzz guitar sounds you’ll hear, making it impossible not to bang your head along. As the track continues its steady rise, the climax is aptly emotive and volcanic, descending into a frenzy of smashing symbols, head banging riffs and wooshing white noise synths.

Speaking about the message behind the single, the band share: “This song is about mental health and having a daily battle with yourself, nobody will really ever understand what’s going on inside yer head apart from you. You’ve gone full circle so it’s time to break the cycle.”

Released ahead of their second album release, Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E), the new single is an exciting look at the upcoming album, offering a taste of the kind of explosive soundscapes you can expect from Psyence.

Listen below:

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