Track: Salarymen ease gently back into our pop dreams with ‘Young Guns’ – a dark view of society leavened by an indelible sparkling delivery. Plus album and tour news.

Feature Photograph: Tom Wilkinson

We are pleased to see the return of the vintage-tinged dream pop shimmer of Sydney duo Salarymen with their deceptively sunshine filled single ‘Young Guns’. The single is a first taste of their sophomore EP due out October 20, and comes as the duo announce international shows in Japan for November 2022.

The dual vocals add a golden lustre to the song, with a bright and breezy forward motion. The inspiration and subject matter of the track, however, is undoubtedly grim and contrasts with the sparkle and bounce of the music:

Tonight, thank god that I’m alive tonight
I don’t know what is wrong or right tonight
Those kids will never see the light
If I could only change your mind

Renee de la Motte says:

We tried to capture the wilful ignorance of politicians who continue to put profit over lives, despite outcry from the public and the rest of the world. The music is purposefully carefree and happy-go-lucky, because unfortunately that’s the way the conversation seems to go each time a shooting happens, as if nothing can really be done to curb the issue.

Thom Eagleton adds:

Kids should be in the prime of their lives – instead they’re worrying about being shot at school. As Australians, this is a strange and devastating concept. The painful irony is, In the time it took us to record and release this track, it’s almost as if lawmakers have forgotten about them because it happens so frequently.

It certainly results in a dynamic tension between the lyrics and the delivery that is wonderfully executed with swirling instrumentation and glorious harmonies.

The music video, directed by Todd Stephen Logan, depicts two young fast food servers who knock off work and ride down a suburban street, with a looming figure close behind. The figure eventually catches up with the pair, making for an eery transition between an afternoon of innocent fun and a terrifying chase after dark.

‘Young Guns’ is out through Scenic Drive Records available to download through the link below and to stream and download here.

It is the first single off Salarymen’s sophomore EP, scheduled for release on 20 October 2022. They will be launching the track with their full live band at The Botany View on 24 September, supported by Eagle Ray. Salarymen also have big plans for the rest of 2022, announcing international shows in Japan. The band will perform in Osaka on 22 November at Livehouse Pangea, and Tokyo on 24 November at Basement Bar, with additional shows to be confirmed.

Feature Photograph: Tom Wilkinson

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