Track: Soraia – Tight Lipped

Drew Bordeaux

Philadelphia rock quartet Soraia released single ‘Tight-Lipped’ in February as a 7″ single (with a b-side cover of Aerosmith’s “Angel,” ft. a guest appearance by their Wicked Cool Records label mate Jessie Wagner) The single follows on from the bands album ‘Dig Your Roots’ released last year.

Of the new track, Mansour says, 

“”Tight-Lipped” is about a woman who politely refuses to challenge the status quo and direction of her life. It’s a final recognition of the part she has played in her own oppressive censoring – a soulful rebuke of her former beliefs on how to live. But by the end of the song, it becomes a triumphant declaration of who she now is: “‘Meet Ophelia–no more promises. I refuse to be so tight-lipped.'”

Heavy punches of guitar and drums sets this track up to be a hard rock classic. From the powerful gritty vocals to the dirty guitar riffing and heavy drumming the band have a rock n roll swagger which is infectious as the tracks beat. They manage to go a bit beach boys during the interlude which just has the chorus hitting that bit harder.

Check it out, here

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