The track by the multinational band The Lalabies shimmers like a missing track from the ‘Lost in Translation’ offical soundtrack: it’s dreamy, hypnotic and floats through the brain. It’s the same feeling you get when you lie on your back and stare in wonder at the night’s sky above you.

There is an airy spaciness created by the distant vocals singing sweet melodies that mesmerises:

This is a soft shoegaze haze with a dream pop shine: it’s delicate and ethereal. File somewhere close to The Cocteau Twins. The single is available directly from the link above.

The Lalabies have members separated by the vast Pacific Ocean – identified only as Gregory Maddox (vocals, drums, bass and synths) from Texas and Jumpei (guitars and synths) and Mayumi Ishikawa (vocals and synths) in Japan. There’s no Facebook page, no website and only a twitter account, but clearly a lot of talent.