Track: The Nagging Doubts release new single ‘Angourie’ ahead of debut album through Scenic Drive Records.

It’s great to to see The Nagging Doubts back in action with their news single ‘Angourie’, released ahead of their debut album ‘Panic Growth’ out later this year through the marvelous Scenic Drive Records.

‘Angourie’ is a post punk prowler – angular, brittle guitars jangle as the rhythms kick in with mysterious sounds in the ether, reaching a crescendo with the vocals raw and expressive:

Everybody’s trying to be someone, you get callous looking after number one

The band says of the song:

Desires become distorted as the pressure grows to make something of yourself in this world.

With everyone chasing their own dream in the journey through their early twenties whilst fighting for a sense of self worth, it can be easy to become selfish and neglect certain values that came easier when we didn’t have to think for ourselves as much. It’s interesting to look around to see what values this pressure-cooker brings out in the people around us.

Intelligent and powerful expressions feed into the sound – dynamic and bold like an incoming wave crashing onto the shore. The Nagging Doubts continue to impress as a force to be reckoned with:

Terrific stuff as always. ‘Angourie’ is out now and available to stream and download through all the usual sites and through the link above. Check out their EP ‘Autocalm‘ which made my list of favourite albums of 2021.

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