Track: The Plane Sailors pair cheeky wit with playful indie melodies on new single ‘Bell Curve’

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“This is not your cliche story, I’m sick of happy endings, they feel so boring” declare The Plane Sailors in the typically candid, offbeat style that defines their new single Bell Curve. Blending amusing honesty with hooky melodies, the Brisbane-based outfit recorded the track in singer Curtis Hooper’s bedroom, before completing the session in bassist James Glenleft’s critically acclaimed spare room. The recording process signified a period of growth and development for the band, resulting in a labour of love the band are immensely proud of.

Fresh, frank and cheeky, Bell Curve is undeniably catchy in its 2 minutes and 13 seconds of emo-inspired, indie rock. Introspective lyricism pairs perfectly with indie-influenced instrumentation to give a captivatingly motivational tune. Shining melodic light on the good within the glum is something The Plane Sailors have shown us they’re so good at. Lead singer Curtis Hooper says of the creative process: “We shared a lot of drafts of Bell Curve with people in the scene and took in as much input as we could. Getting varied, honest feedback was really important to us so we could produce a song everyone would enjoy.” 

The music video for Bell Curve is particularly noteworthy as it was the band’s first time collaborating together in a new lineup, giving a chance to build on the incredible friendships that continue to drive the band today. The video takes place inside Curtis Hooper’s head and portrays an exaggerated version of his own reality. “It was really our first project we had all collaborated on together at the same time. The shoots we had were pretty much the foundation of the great relationship we all have now” Hooper says of the experience. Filmed by Brisbane emerging filmmaker Isaac Brandon, Bell Curve was a wacky experience, with Isaac directing the band to get comfortable with their weird side and any resulting shenanigans.

“I had no idea what the music video really was so throughout the shoot I just kept hearing all these whack things like Glen being told to “ride the giant Curtis worm,” and it just got weirder as we went. Very confusing. 9/10 experience.” -Casey, Plane Sailors

Together since 2018, the indie four-piece have spent the last couple of years working tirelessly on trying out new sounds, new ideas and bringing their musical visions to life. An evocative range of influences can be heard in their music, from such greats as Ball Park Music to TOWNS, mixed with hints of Modern Baseball and Blink-182. After a great run in the local music scene, The Plane Sailors have undergone a significant amount of change, with the process bringing them out the other side stronger, and with a newfound vigour we could all do with right now. Bell Curve is out NOW

For locals, get along to the The Plane Sailors Bell Curve Single Launch Show, Thursday 16 December at Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

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