Tracks: Dead Freights – Hey Hatred

A compellingly dark sense of anger wrapped up in rhythmic barrage of searing post-punk.

London’s Dead Freights new single “Hey Hatred,” is released today, on the final night of their jaunt across the UK supporting The Libertines on their “Giddy Up A Ding-Dong Tour”. 

“Hey Hatred” blasts into existence with a jagged intensity reminiscent of IDLES’ savage rhythm section. The jarring syncopated rhythm delivered by drummer Louis Duarte immediately ramps up the tension and holds you in it’s grip. Meanwhile, Charlie James’ cutting vocal delivery and anguished lyrics, wrestle with overcoming his tortured inner monologue.

Written during lockdown, singer Charlie James says, “I was experiencing constant anxiety about my future, my relationships, and as is so often the case, it just projected into an underlying anger. I wanted to confront that feeling head-on with this lyric. So much rock and punk is masculinity masquerading as some kind of authentic rage, but I wanted to confront mine, make fun of it, tell it to riot on.”

A moment of respite surprises you in the bridge, where an ethereal sonic shimmer of a guitar part is accompanied by ghostly choral backing vocals. Soon it all breaks loose and the song finishes with a crescendo of rapid-fire machine gun drum fills and the dissonant squeals of Robert Franklin’s guitar, sounding like a riotous late-nineties Johnny Greenwood freakout. 

Listen to “Hey Hatred” here:

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Author – Jack Flynn
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