EP: Album Review: Muertos

Muertos, based out of Essex, released their debut EP last Friday on Wrong Way Records and accompanied the release with a launch party at Bassment, Chelmsford on 9th November.

Muertos are a trio who draw their energy from the darker side of life. They consist of DeAnna Avis, whose proud Mexican origin shines through in her music, Marc Crane – who in complete contrast is a boy from Basildon and the trio is completed by Tom Lewis. Finding courage in freakbeat and garage psych they deliver guitar drone that rattles the rib cage, haunting harmonies that resonate in the brain and pulsating rhythms that get feet tapping across the board.

With influences ranging from a variety of sources including Jesus and Mary Chain, The Raveonettes and The Black Angels, Muertos set quite the standard for themselves and this EP certainly hits all the right notes. Released on 10” white with red splatter detail vinyl; a nod to the fact that Muertos are bathed in horror influences with the sleeve designed by the bands very own Marc Crane, this is aesthetically as well as aurally pleasing – a must for any collector.

Consisting of four tracks and opening with ‘Ballroom Spritzer’ which offers up fuzz leaden, bass heavy repetition which forces its way into your attention and immediately marks out what Muertos are all about. The duality of the vocals adds a lighter tone but as the instrumental segment kicks in, the track comes into its own and the darkness conquers.

Proceeded by ‘Black Box’, the video to which was recorded in a woodland at 2am with only torchlight for company, a distinct western feel shines through – think Spindrift, with a feminine caress. The melody of ‘Snakes’ is haunting with its atonal riff and rhythmic drum accompaniment. Rounding EP1 off we have ‘Write to the Devil’, which proffers an experimental opening before giving way to a traditional rock sound, entrancing with lingering guitar and vocal swoons.

Muertos may hail from the darkness and draw their power from it, but this EP firmly casts them into the light and will ensure they stay there.

Order the limited edition vinyl here: http://www.wrongwayrecords.bigcartel.com/product/muertos-ep1

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