Countdown To Rebellion – Day 40: Introducing Rumkicks

Hot on the heels of releasing their excellent debut album Born Rude, South Korean punks Rumkicks return to Rebellion after their glorious debut in 2022. Rumkicks has taken the underground music scene by storm, is a powerful and rebellious force that challenges the status quo with their spirited sound. Hailing from the bustling streets of Seoul, Rumkicks infuses the punk genre with their own distinct Korean flair, blending aggressive guitar riffs, pounding drums, and impassioned vocals to create a sonic explosion that resonates with audiences across the nation. With a raw and unfiltered approach, Rumkicks fearlessly addresses social and political issues unique to South Korea, using their music as a platform for dissent and self-expression. Their sound is very much in the pop punk territory. Think The Queers. They sing in both English and Korean, and they are a veritable powerhouse live.

Rebellion 2022: Pic Credit: Andi Callen Photography – All Rights Reserved

Rumkicks’ music embodies the spirit of resistance and rebellion, rallying a new generation of Korean youth who are seeking an outlet for their frustrations and a voice for their dreams. Their songs tackle a wide range of themes, from societal pressures and the pursuit of individuality to the impact of rapid modernization on traditional values. With their high-energy performances and infectious stage presence, Rumkicks has built a dedicated following, captivating audiences with their electrifying presence and leaving a lasting impact on the South Korean punk scene. As pioneers of a genre often overshadowed by mainstream K-pop, Rumkicks stands as a testament to the power of punk music to challenge norms and ignite change in unexpected places.

If you don’t have a favourite South Korean punk, then now is the time to make Rumkicks yours!

You can find Rumkicks in the Empress Ballroom Sat 5th Aug 14:00-14:35.

Before then you can go and buy their album from their Bandcamp page here

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