Countdown To Rebellion – Day 41: Introducing Mannequin Death Squad

Mannequin Death Squad is a powerhouse duo that has been making a profound impact on the music industry with their distinctive sound and unrelenting energy. Formed in 2016 by vocalist and guitarist Ellyot Ryan and drummer Dan Muszynski, the band has crafted a unique sonic landscape that fuses elements of punk, grunge, and alternative rock. Their music is characterized by roaring guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and Ryan’s raw, impassioned vocals that delve into themes of societal critique, personal struggles, and the human condition. True to the mayhem, the two swap instruments at points during the set, true performers!

Rebellion 2022: Pic Credit: Andi Callen Photography All Rights Reserved

What sets Mannequin Death Squad apart is not only their remarkable musical talent, but also their ability to channel their raw emotions into their performances. Whether it’s on stage or in the recording studio, the band exudes an electrifying energy that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Their live shows are a testament to their inteense passion, with Ryan’s explosive stage presence and Muszynski’s relentless drumming creating a powerful synergy that ignites the crowd. With a growing discography that includes standout tracks like “Blue” and “Sick,” Mannequin Death Squad continues to push boundaries and defy genre conventions, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative music scene.

BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq described them as a cross between Veruca Salt and The Melvins.

Catch them on Fri 4th Aug on the Pavilion Stage 21:15-21:50

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