EP: Geezer – Sprial Fires

Heavy blues trio Geezer have just released the vinyl version of their latest EP, Spiral Fires. It follows in the footsteps of the band taking on Steve Markota as their new drummer. The provided the band with some momentum to make the record as singer/guitarist Pat Harrington explains “Hooking up with Steve changed the band. For the first time in a long while, we had the ability to really take our time and see where the music would take us. Changes were taking place, we were traveling to new musical landscapes. Along the way, a flash of light would appear over the horizon, these songs are those moments… lightning in a bottle.” 
The EP opens with Spiral Fires Part 1, which after its dizzying, almost electronic opening, bursts into this filthy blues rock, guitars that crunch and play these menacing, buzzsaw riffs. Over the top Harrington gives it his throaty all to drag the track along. Spiral Fires Part 2 is based on the same musical material, but given a more stripped back, foot off the accelerator feel, with something of the Joshua Tree about the space the band give it.
Darkworld is a more in your face, grabbing at you collars and pushing you up against the wall sort of a track. These extending riffs take turns with Harringtons vocals, as moments of feedback and sonic noise bleed through what is a more straightforward rock track. EP closer Charley Reefer, at least at its outset, is more circumspect, the amp noise adding to the mix as electronics dance in the background and the guitar takes centre stage. It does’t last though and so these big riffs return, along with Harringtons gutteral drawl.
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Geezer hooked up with Kozmik Artifactz to release their ‘Spiral Fires‘ EP in the simplest of ways. Limited Edition, one color cover, black vinyl, no bells or whistles… just top shelf rock and roll. A three-song collection edifying the embodiment of Geezer’s quest for all things heavy, trippy, and groovy. ‘Spiral Fires’ is the first passage in their new journey.

‘Spiral Fires’ is available on CD, Vinyl, and Digital download.
U.S. Orders (Vinyl, CD, Digital): https://geezertown.bandcamp.com/
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