EP Review: Bigfatbig – Rockin’ And Rollin’ And Whatnot

Ryan Young

The Breakdown

Angry, vulnerable and honest songs set to beautiful, riotous melodies

North East’s punk pop wonders Bigfatbig have released there much anticipated EP ‘Rockin’ And Rollin’ And Whatnot’. The four track EP is a record of where the band are at the moment full, of energy and shouting pop punk! As the band comments, “Being young women from a working class background in the music industry has entirely influenced who we are as people, and it’s so easy to become jaded because of this – to become angry at ourselves and at the world. The songs detail this through upbeat anthems, capturing feelings of nostalgia, impatience and defiance.” 

‘Brink Of My Sanity’ is a rolling punky track with punchy verses and a sing along chorus. Singer Robyn Walker sounds incredible on the chorus a mixture of exasperation and disbelief wrapped in her lyrical vocals. It’s infectious beat sweeps you up courtesy of the driving drums and snappy guitar riff that power the track along.

The band have a great way of mixing anger with sweet melodies and ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ is an energetic burst of that demonstrates their magic. Its a raw and honest song with a brilliant chorus that stops you in your tracks and has you bouncing about whilst singing. A rampaging Katie Ryall on guitar matches Walkers attitude on the tracks final vocals. A feminist tour de force.

‘Shut Up!’ is a master class in big guitar chord bangers with the punk vocals unleashed in all their pop glory. A cracking live track down to its two word slogan in the chorus begging to be repeated by the bands fans. A quiet middle 8 users in the guitar going on a rampage for the final choruses.

Walker leads the final track ‘Easy For You To Say’ and it shows a more mature take on the band’s songwriting. It is a highlight of the EP with some great phrasing from the Walker and a barrage of guitar and drums as the track builds into a scrumptious crescendo.

With statement tracks like these, you can’t help put take notice of their cause especially with the infectious way they get their emotions across. It’s the next best thing to seeing them live. Bigfatbig are loud and proud with tracks to match. The trio of vocalist Robyn Walker, guitarist Katie Ryall, and bassist Chaz Hall, backed with Ryan Young on drums are showing no signs of stopping their soul filling onslaught and are just getting better and better.

Have a listen to the band explain their new EP, below:

Find out more via the band’s Facebook

Read our interview with the band here

Live Dates
8th Oct – Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough
18th Nov – Metronome, Nottingham*
19th Nov – EartH (Main Hall), London*
20th Nov – Rebellion, Manchester*
26th Nov – Exchange, Bristol (matinee show)*
26th Nov – Exchange, Bristol*
27th Nov – Brudenell, Leeds*
1st Dec – Pop Records, Sunderland*
2nd Dec – Pop Recs, Sunderland*
3rd Dec – Mono, Glasgow*

*supporting Martha

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