Film Review: The Age of Consequences

There have been many films made about the dangers of climate change. Despite all the evidences to the contrary, there are still a vocal minority who either deny it’s existence or that it’s rapid perpetuation is man-made. Whilst most environmental documentaries concentrate on the effect of our actions on the planet, director Jared P Scott approaches the subject from a different angle. He looks at the effect climate change has on politics and global conflict.

Through analysing different case studies and interviewing key military personal, Scott posits the theory that as the pace and severity of climate change progresses, the knock-on effect will have dire consequences. Whether that be in terms of food scarcity, disease, people displacement or conflict; linking the rise of religious extremism and civil wars to environmental factors. This is corroborated by experts who cite events currently taking place in the Middle East and Africa to illustrate their points.

What makes The Age of Consequences so compelling is the way it approaches climate change as a causal factor and backs up its claims with hard evidence. It’s not a perspective most people think about when considering the consequences of global warming. Droughts, famine and wars push people together creating a scarcity of resources, poverty and providing a fertile ground for extremism and conflict. The Age of Consequences is a must see for anyone with an interest in global environmental, social and political issues.

The Age of Consequences screens at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 11.

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