Listen : Dublin psych band Tomorrows draw on the spirit of krautrock for “Another Life”

My oh my, have you heard Tomorrows’ “Another Life”? No? Well you really should. It’s like a druggy, sunny afternoon baking in the rays with someone you wouldn’t mind melting into the earth with. It’s like a hot air balloon ride into the stratosphere. It’s like a stroll into the ether and laughing all the way.

Dublin’s Tomorrows are following in the tradition of great 60s and 70s pop and psych bands that you’ve grown up on. Soundtracks to heaviness and heartache, happiness and lovestruck grandeur. According to frontman Conor Deasy, ““‘Another Life’ is the first song we wrote and recorded together as a five piece and it set the tone for everything that followed. It’s based on the repetition of a riff and a beat, somewhere between ‘Tired of Waiting’ by the Kinks and ‘Hallogallo’ by Neu. It was recorded live in our friend’s studio in an old farmhouse in the Dublin mountains, with some layers of mellotron, organ and vocals added later. The song is optimistic, it’s about realising you’ve lost your way and starting again.””

The Kinks and Neu? Yeah, you need to hear this. George Harrison, Wilco, and The Zombies are also mentioned as inspiration and motivation for these five Dublin lads to make this sweet and melancholy sound.  If bands like The Besnard Lakes, Tame Impala, and Temples tickle your fancy, you’d be remiss not to hit play below.

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