New Music: Machineyfied – Piss Business / Alan Minter

To celebrate the launch of a new Nottingham record label, NGland Records, Antronhy – the drummer with Bicouac and Punish the Atom has got together with Jason WIlliamson of the Sleaford Mods to record a new double ‘A’ sided single, titled Piss Business / Alan Minter. Called Machineyfied, the record is inspired by the alienation and social problems that seem prevalent in our greed and pleasant land (you see what I did there, right?)

Piss Business opens with these strangled electronics before blasting into the foreground. As it bubbles away, Williamson scythes away with a combination of wit, anger and frustration (mixed up with a considerable amount of linguistic dexterity) at his targets – the establishment, bosses, bankers – just about everybody in fact in his broad East Midlands twang (I know, I grew up there). somehow through it all, with its pauses, 808 claps and occasional fragments of vocal harmony, it manages to make your head nod, your mind think and your mouth smile.

Alan Minter, not so much an ode to the former middleweight boxing champion, more a passing mention, maybe hinting at passed glories, moment in the spotlight, faded glamour. Certainly, Williamson is again e focal point of everything, cajoling, complaining, pleading in such a way you can’t drag your ears away from him, over a tougher, edgier backing.

Its out on NGland on May 25th

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