Live Review: Morrissey INEC Arena Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney Kerry 24,09,2022

Morrissey kicked off his Irish/UK tour with a date at Killarney’s INEC Arena, oddly opting for only one Irish date by not including a Dublin one.

So as it was only one date and in Killarney this meant many attending the show had to travel and travel they did from all corners of Ireland and the UK (Maybe further afield as I only spoke to fans from Ireland and the UK on the night and morning after)
When I got to the venue many were already queuing at the entrance’s, it was a standing & sitting show, so two very large ques had formed at the relative entrance’s.

Doors opening just slightly after 7pm and those at the front making a hastily beeline for the barriers some even sprinting to get to the front.
Later than billed (show time was given as 8pm but was more 8.30) the man himself and band arrived on stage with Morrissey carrying a packet of salt and vinegar Tayto crisps and looking at them with (going by facial expression’s) what can only be described as disdain, after this the show kicked of with huge cheers to the opening song We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful.
During Billy Budd loud chants of Morrissey Morrissey could be heard to which he replied now now pace yourselves.
Throughout the show each song was accompanied with its own projection on to a very large screen at the back of the stage, some of these being Bowie with Jagger / Peter Falk and other song related subjects.
Too many fans delights Morrissey stepped forward a number of times to touch/shake outreached hands of those on the frontlines.
Bonfires of Teenagers got the now well know intro of Morrissey words of disgust at Modern England (up till now he didn’t have much to say, but he seemed to come into himself and spoke more throughout the rest of the show) after this he picked up the tambourine for Everyday is Like Sunday and after I Am Veronica he announced he is Veronica.
Here he cracked a joke about not being able to sleep at 4pm in the afternoon so went for a walk and entered a record shop where he asked the shop assistant had she anything by Morrissey. to which he got a blank stare and the police arrived shortly, ending this with don’t! worry I’m used to it by now lol.
Then it was time for the third Smiths song of the night, that being Never Had No One Ever. Speaking again after this he was heard saying When you’re waiting on bad news sure enough the telephone rings and sure enough one did, loudly over the speakers and I don’t really need to say what song was played here now do I? lol.
The Loop followed and then was the big surprised of the night, for the first time ever in Morrissey’s solo career FRANKLY, MR. SHANKLY was played! and brought us all happily on Jack The Ripper which finished out the main set with the stage covered completely in smoke to the point of no one on stage could be seen.
Arriving back on for the encore with a shirt change for Morrissey, they kicked into the fifth and final Smiths song and another surprise as Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want has not been played since 2013.
The encore consisted of two songs the second and last of the night was Irish Blood, English Heart during which Morrissey tore of his shirt, swung it around in the air before throwing it out into the crowd. Bet the caused a scramble at the front.
9.55 and that was it, just shy of an hour and a half of some of the best songs ever written in my humble opinion.
Set List.
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
Our Frank
Billy Budd
Knockabout World
Black Cloud
First Of The Gang To Die
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths)
Rebels Without Applause
My Hurling Days Are over
Half A Person (The Smiths)
Bonfire Of Teenagers
Everyday Is Like Sunday
I Am Veronica
Never Had No One Ever (The Smiths)
Sure Enough, the Telephone Rings
The Loop
Frankly, Mr. Shankly (The Smiths)
Jack The Ripper
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I want (The Smiths)
Irish Blood, English Heart

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