New Music : Declan O’Donovan’s “Hank”

In the spirit of Harry Nilsson, Three Dog Night, and Randy Newman comes the infectious, funky, and piano-led track “Hank” from singer/songwriter Declan O’Donovan. Listen to the track below, and be prepared for moving and grooving.


About the track:

Loosely based on an urban legend about a promiscuous Hank Williams and woven into a story about a childhood friend, “Hank”  was written separate from the songwriting phase that produced the 2017 album, Broken Sky, “Hank” has lived as a black sheep of sorts in my live repertoire for a couple of years without garnering an official studio release until now. The song was recorded during the Broken Sky sessions in Montreal back in 2016, and was produced  by Jean Massicotte (Patrick Watson, Lhasa, Adam Cohen),  and features, among the many outstanding musicians, members of The Barr Brothers, Patrick Watson, and The Luyas.

Those of you familiar with early 70s singer/songwriters are going to love this song. Great storytelling, great melodies, and just the right amount of boozy swagger to give your Saturday night the right amount of trouble. In the vein of Ry Cooder, Lowell George, Randy Newman, and Louden Wainwright, this song is sure to make your day.


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