Tracks: The Raft, Summertime Blues/December (Again)

I recently enthusiastically reviewed a double EP from Liverpool’s Phil Wilson recording under the name The Raft, noting the sparkling production and glorious brightness of the songs.

The prolific Wilson is back with a brilliant double single release, but this time with the ethereal voice of Claire O’Neill taking the fore. Her dreamy vocals add an undeniable lustre to Wilson’s melancholic musical style both in terms of melody and lyricism. The crystal guitar chimes drive both Summertime Blues and December (Again) as does the theme of regret and loss. These are both gorgeous tunes that highlight the talent of The Raft in terms of Wilson’s songwriting and musicianship, JPedro’s production and the sweet vocals of O’Neill back by Wilson:

Wilson is a prodigious talent. The songs are beautifully crafted vessels that combine acoustic and electronic sensibilities in a dream pop style with that added dash of my favourite ingredient that I like to call melodic melancholia.Get this, then wait with anticipation for the forthcoming album to be released through American label ‘Dut Dut Dut Dut’ in 2018.

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