News: Bowling For Soup unveil video for “I Wanna Be Brad Pitt” and album news

Texan legends Bowling For Soup have penned a tribute (even though he is very much still alive and well) to their favourite actor of all time, Brad Pitt. Speaking about the track, front man Jaret Reddick said

“Everyone who knows me, knows I love Brad Pitt. I got this chorus in my head while driving one day, and really, the rest kinda just wrote itself. I wanted the song to be a thoughtful tribute and not sacrifice the homage by making fun of him or things in his life. So that’s the direction I went and when it still got laughs from the band, I knew I had hit it out of the park.”

The track, on first listen, will make you giggle with laughter because it has all the charm of your typical BFS song but as you dig deeper and listen to the lyrics and melody it is for sure to be a classic that fans of the band will be screaming at shows for years to come. The lyrical content is witty and has lots of references to Pitt’s illustrious career so far… (Our personal favourite line here at Backseat Mafia “welcome to fight club, what’s in the box? Reeb is beer spelled backwards, don’t talk about fight club”). The video, which can be viewed here and features one of Brad’s “biggest fans” and is sure to put a smile on anybody’s face.

I Wanna Be Brad Pitt is the latest single that has been released from the bands upcoming album Pop Drunk Snot Bread that is set to release on the 22nd April 2022. The album is available to pre save here and is the 11th album that Bowling For soup have released!

You can catch the band hitting the road in Spring with all the information you need on the bands Website, Facebook or Twitter

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