News: Damaged Goods to release Thee Headcoats singles compilation

Formed by the irrepressibly prolific Billy Childish out of the ashes of his previous band Thee Mighty Ceasars, Thee Headcoats – Childish (Git/Vox) Bruce Brand (Drums) and Johnny Johnson (bass), formed in 1989 they’d already released something like 6 albums and 15 singles by 1992. Continuing at a pace, they released handfuls more records – including the ‘We hate The Fuckin’ NME’ single after journalist Johnny Cigarettes walked out of their gig in Archway after insisting that he should get in for free as he was from the NME and then reviewing Thee Headcoatees by saying there were no girls in the band (he’d left before they came onstage!!).

Now, Damaged Goods – who release the NME bashing single, have pulled together their classic singles, originally released on a multitude of labels, and are due to release them on 16th October. Available on a 2cd or 3xLP package, as well as the usual download, it showcases the bands Garage Rock chops, and DIY attitude, as well as being a vehicle for the creativity of Childish.

Featured tracks include ‘(We Hate The Fuckin’) NME’ ‘My Dear Watson’ & ‘Every Bit Of Me’. It’s fitting tribute to one of the greatest bands ever, 15 years after they called it a day.

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