News: Sleater-Kinney drop new single and video ‘Untidy Creature’


Sleater-Kinney have kicked off 2024 by sharing their new single, ‘Untidy Creature,’ which will also feature on their anticipated new album, ‘Little Rope,’ out 19th January on Loma Vista.

The song’s remarkable one-shot music video, directed by Nick Pollet, features celebrated Australian freediver Amber Bourke holding her breath underwater for the entire duration of the three and a half minute song.

‘Untidy Creature’ captivates with a piercing guitar riff that slices through the melody, embodying the raw spirit of the band’s unique sound. The bridge, featuring Tucker’s soul-stirring vocals, builds to a powerful crescendo, leaving listeners awash in a sea of emotive resonance.

“For the video, we wanted imagery that spoke to the themes which permeate Little Rope: uncertainty, restlessness, urgency, all of the in-between and discomfiting states with which we’re forced to reckon. So, we came up with the idea of a woman holding her breath in a bathtub for the duration of the song, unsure of her motivations, not knowing whether she’s seeking escape, disappearance, absolution, or simply a moment of quiet and reprieve. We love the tension created by an act that defies both custom and comfort.”


NOTE: The stunts in this video were performed by trained professionals. Do not try this at home.

‘Little Rope’ was recorded at Flora Recording and Playback in Portland, Oregon with Grammy-winning producer John Congleton. Sleater-Kinney kick off a North American tour in support of Little Rope kicks off next month on 28th February in San Diego. Tour highlights include multiple nights in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Let’s hope that the band includes Australia in an international tour.

Listen to ‘Untidy Creature’ HERE.

Pre-Save ‘Little Rope’ HERE.

Photo Credit: Chris Hornbecker

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