Premiere: Man & The Echo – Vile as you want

We’re delighted to be able to premiere the new single, Vile as you want, from Warrington agit-indie rockers Man & The Echo. It follows on from a busy 2015 from the band, who released three singles – two of which garnered decent amounts of AirPlay, the third, largely due to the 25 ‘fucks’ contained within the lyrics, not so much.

This time lyricist Gaz Roberts has aimed his acerbic wit at the politically incorrect of the world. He knows his beans mind, being a welfare rights officer who specialises in disability and cancer, when not constructing joyous pop songs, you understand.

And that, despite or maybe even because of the subject matter, is what he’s done with Vile as you want. It’s packed with jangles, verve, swagger, witty and thought provoking words, and wrapped up in a tune that kicks away at the shins of your conciusness till you can’t ignore it. It’s out March 11th on 1965 Records.

Check it out, here

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