Say Psych: EP – Remain Distracted EP by Kobadelta

Kobadelta are one of those bands who, to me, seem to have sprung out of nowhere. They seem to be gaining quite a following in their native North East, they are a five-piece from Newcastle, but deserve a wider audience.

The bands Remain Distracted EP gets a digital release on 26th September, and consists of four diverse tracks which showcase a band who, if they are not going places, should be. Opening with ‘Siam’ a dirty slice of stoner psych which immediately brought to mind contemporary bands such as The Janitors and Cult of Dom Keller, especially through the guitar work.

‘Repetition’ opens with a great interplay between guitar and bass with some gritty reverb and feedback that contrast with the clean production and driving beat until we are hit with a great wahwah-heavy bridge. This is a really good psych rock track which is clearly rooted in the genre, yet also feels fresh.

With ‘They Can’t Hurt Me’ the band go off-piste a bit more with some perhaps Morricone inspired tremolo sounds which recall the likes of Spindrift and Lola Colt. ‘The Heretic’ initially seems to be taking us into that territory, before exploding into a wall of reverb noise. Like the previous track, I picked up the spirit of The Doors, but while ‘They Can’t Hurt Me’ was The Doors of the desert, this was ‘The End’.

The band launch the EP at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle on 26th September, and have a number of other gigs around the North East of England planned; I hope that they will soon branching out further afield.

You can order the EP here.

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