Say Psych: Premiere: Ouzo Bazooka – It’s A Sin

After 2 years trotting the globe and playing over 150 live shows, Ouzo Bazooka returned to the studio a tight knot radiating with ideas and inspiration to create what just might be their most cohesive work to date and BSM is humbled to bring you the premiere of the first track, ‘It’s A Sin’.

Ouzo Bazooka was formed in Tel Aviv by Uri Brauner Kinrot, who grew up on the sunny shores of the mediterranean sea and has been active in the music scene for over a decade, shaping the sound of influential local groups as well as the critically acclaimed mediterranean surf band Boom Pam (currently collaborating with Turkish psychedelic-folk legend Selda Bağcan). Tel Aviv’s cultural diversity served as the perfect backdrop for Ouzo Bazooka’s formation and the maturing of their style; an exotic blend of middle eastern sounds and scales, mouled together with fuzzed psychedelic surf rock and garage.

Following the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2014, the band was embraced by the local crowd and became somewhat of a local phenomena. It was only a matter of time before their sounds reached the European front and after a succession of high profile festival appearances, followed by two stellar releases, the media, critics and the international crowd took notice – the band’s position as the ambassadors of a new middle eastern rock sound was cemented.

Suspiciously smelling like a mix of prohibited substances and powerful homebrewed potions, Transporter manages to effortlessly be a lot of things, that in a similar universe, contradict each other: it is psychedelic, but accessible. It is adventurous and creatively free spirited, but also filled with anthems waiting to be discovered, like the optimistic but mischievous ‘It’s A Sin’ or ‘Space Camel’the perfect soundtrack for your desert soul searching adventure. The sound is recognizable, but simultaneously an exception and expansion of the band’s creative palette.

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