Track: Conor Houston to release new single ‘Outside the Grocery Store’

Out on November 20th is the new single from Sheffield based Conor Houseton, titled ‘Outside the Grocery Store’. Written in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, it’s a song that resonates through society across the world right now.

Of the record, Houston says, ‘I was in a writing mood around June, and nothing else felt relevant in comparison to what had happened with George Floyd.
I wanted to take a subtle and nuanced approach to the subject matter. I decided to write the lyric from the perspective of a police officer, and explore the thoughts he may have in his most private moments.
Unusual effects are applied to the vocals for two reasons. I wanted to take as much of my own ego out of the singing as possible, whilst retaining the emotional impact; the subject matter is bigger than me. I also wanted to create a disconcerting sound that wouldn’t have been achieved if the vocals sounded more “human”.
I don’t profess to be an expert on racism, but this felt like a necessary subject to tackle. I personally find that songs resonate with me on a much deeper level when I come to my own realisations and conclusions about their meaning. Hopefully the measured approach to the lyric can elicit this from other people.’

Soaked in synths and this rather otherworldly feeling, the song is this slice of glitchy synth-pop, blessed with a earworm melody and biting lyrics that savage the police protagonists of the crime. At points it almost stops and ponders, with static music save for the clinking metal, before bursting back into life.

Check it out, here

I’m enquiring about a review for my next single release.
I’m a Sheffield–based solo artist. My single ‘Outside The Grocery Store‘ will be released on all platforms Friday 20 November 2020.
Here’s the song/video:
I’ve included some promo materials, and here’s a few bullet points:

  • Regularly work as a session musician, and have toured extensively across the UKUS and Europe
  • Previous releases have received airplay from BBC Radio 1BBC 6 Music and Radio X
  • New single written during the aftermath of the George Floyd killing

Please get in touch if you’d like more info. Hope to hear back from you at some point.

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