Track: Jazz Prodigy Camille Bertault delights with ‘ Look At What A Mess You Made Of Me’.

Camille Bertault /John Finbury / Christian McBride- Look What A Mess You Made Of Me '

It’s not everyday you get to see a rising jazz vocalist make her own mark in the often male dominated jazz world celebrating viruoistic playing . Camille Bertault is a force to reckoned with , as she makes her own mark as a vocalist, phenomenal improviser and world class musician. Full of life, ingenuity and exuberant warm vocal timbres, the debut collaboration ‘ Look at What A Mess You Made Of Me’ with Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated composer John Finbury, complete with Christian McBride, standing his own ground at the bass helm .With lyrics by Ned Claflin, Patty Brayden and the composer, this music features Finbury’s blend of Jazz and Vaudeville traditions with a nod to the “Roaring 20s”, past and present. The song needed , as the musicians wrote, a singer who could bring about just the right touch of playfulness and skill. Enter Camille , who quickly embraced the project. Camille has startled the Jazz world with her vocal prowess and unmatched improvisational skills, as well as her ability to write lyrics to some of the most iconic jazz solos in history. She has released three albums that showcase her interpretative talents with music and lyrics of her own. Given the careful studio protocols in pandemic times, the artists and producers sought a simple instrumentation, so “Look At What A Mess You Made Of Me” became a voice and bass duet. The result , is a masterful, yet playfully familiar rendition of an instant classic. I cannot wait to see where this collaboration takes them, and I’m overjoyed they invited Camille for the project .

Watch ‘ Look At What A Mess You Made Of Me’ below and stream on Spotify

Look At What A Mess You Made Of Me – Music by John Finbury feat Camille Bertault & Christian McBride

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