Track: Lazarus Kane continue headspinning experimentation with ‘Williston, ND’

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Like numerous other, similarly diverse acts, Lazarus Kane’s emergence through hallowed label Speedy Wunderground – via the vibrant bewilderment of Narcissus, a refreshing exploration into the superficiality of modern life – sent earthquake-like jolts through alternative music. The arrival of the gripping ‘Night Walking’ further illustrated the blurry space the band occupied between sincerity and irony; high-concept performance art and sardonic provocation. Wherever they lie at any point, the six-piece remain elusive of the industry-specific expectations many others stick to.

Latest offering Williston, ND is just as confounding, both topically and musically. As frantic howls of the small US town which – as frontman Ben Jakes found – experienced a “…huge oil boom…” adorn the track, the grinding, motorik-y guitar and percussion interplay viscerally recreates the “…pictures of the fracking equipment at night lit by neon lights on these sprawling prairies…”. Reading about this “town in the USA” was the unlikely inspiration behind the powerfully excoriating single: a modern, aural ‘There Will Be Blood’, delivered with stark instrumentation and disco elements in tow.

‘Williston, ND’, as well as the previously released ‘Milk At My Door’, offer a taste of Lazarus Kane’s long-awaited debut EP ‘Psychobabble’. The insanely discombobulating circumstances of the past 18 months sees a new chapter for the band and their persona of old; frontman and vocalist/guitarist Ben Jakes admits that it would be “…disingenuous to continue the character with the current state of the world. Instead, I wanted to really hold a mirror to the often darkly comedic and surreal ways in which we deal with difficult situations, especially within our often extremely comfortable, materially focused and self-absorbed lives”. The forthcoming EP was born from these new angles, modelled around an ever-characterful wheel of inspirations such as Eno, Cluster, and features of 80’s hardcore. As with the sprawling strut of Narcissus, Psychobabble is a musical endeavour that keeps the listener guessing with every step.

Psychobabble is out September 10th, on So Young’s brand-new label. Pre-order here.

Lazarus Kane have also announced a string of tour dates, alongside festival dates at Wide Awake and

03.09 London, Wide Awake

04.09 Dorset, End of the Road

18.09 Leicester, Wide Eyed

20.10 Brighton, Latest Music Bar – Tickets

22.10 Birkenhead, Future Yard – Tickets

23.10 York, Slow Education – Tickets

24.10 Manchester, The White Hotel – Tickets

25.10 Newcastle, The Tyne Bar – Free Entry

26.10 Cambridge, Portland Arms – Tickets

27.10 London, Bussey Building – Tickets

28.10 Bristol, Strange Brew – Tickets

30.10 Amsterdam, London Calling – Tickets

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