Track: Luna Li – Trying

Toronto’s talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luna Li has just released a magical new single ‘Trying’ which showcases her creative instrumentation, floating vocals and whimsical lyrics. ‘Trying’ is infused with a psychedelic melancholia and an almost fairground sound washed through with delicate strings.

Li says of the song:

Writing this song was an exercise in vulnerability. I had been listening to the podcast Song Exploder and noticed that the episodes I connected with most were the ones where the artists really opened up. I made a conscious decision to write something vulnerable as a way to combat my shyness and to better connect with others.

‘Trying’ is about anxiety and the feeling of desperation and sense of unreality that can happen when everything gets to be too overwhelming. The dynamics and dreamy feel of the music reflect the feeling of being dazed and restless.

Accompanied by a beautifully framed video, this is a deeply personal, honest and expressive statement from an artist with a great future ahead. Self-described as a fiercely feminist rock n’ roll moon fairy, Li’s single encapsulates a dream-like tone filled with whimsy

You can get the single here and catch her at the following venues:

FEB 22
PUP – February 22 – Oshawa Music Hall SOLD OUT
Sat 18:00
The Music Hall Concert Theatre
Oshawa, ON, Canada

MAR 13
Family Man with Luna Li & Alpha and the Van
Fri 19:30
La Vitrola
Montreal, QC, Canada

Nyssa w/ Hanorah, Luna Li, Nutrients at The Horseshoe
Thu 20:30
Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, ON, Canada

Photo Credit: Halle Hirota

Featured Image:

Photo Credit: Yan Zhu

Design Credit: August Kay

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