Exclusive: New Backseat Mafia takeover mix Detroit producer Moe Taha

Detroit producer and DJ Moe Taha recently released his new single, No One, which launched his own label a&r records. The vinyl love and turntablist has a penchant for Cuban and Latin sounds, but this is all dancefloor. As Moe says of the track, “After everything the entire world endured in 2020, all the people we have lost, and frankly just being here now, alive, healthy, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I wanted to write something uplifting that you can move to.”

The track builds and slowly morphs, with driving pads and these stabbing synth chords that give way, eventually, to soaring soulful vocal snatches.

We’re delighted that Moe agreed to do a takeover mix for us here at Backseat Mafia, where he’s kept it close to the dancefloor, with tracks from artists including Clyde P, Billy Kenny, Dom Dolla, Jay Luman, ANOTR and Chris Lake, amongst many others.

Check it out, here. Please do listen, share, like and follow us on Mixcloud so we can keep bringing you the best in new and established DJ’s and artists, as well as our own shows featuring the best in new music and classics from our team of Resident DJ’s.

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