Track: Arrows of Love – Toad, plus UK tour dates

London art-rockers Arrows of Love follow up their highly regarded debut album, ‘Everything’s F*cked’, with a new single ‘Toad’, out on May 27th via the bands own Handspun Records and on limited edition vinyl and tape via Strong Island Recordings.The five piece, led by co-writers Nima and Nuha take a lead from the likes of Fugazi and Jesus Lizard, and Toad has this unquthe vocla enchable edginess and sense of experimental abandon about it that makes it, to us here at backseat mafia, almost irresistable.

Starting out with this anxiety filled almost shouted riff, things calm down over this repeating guitar figure, but its only a momentary sense of reason, and things relapse into this difficult, awkward and angular chorus. From there on, there’s no escape from the sense of malice about it, as vocal descends into this crisis filled set of thoughts and instructions.

Makes you feel bad and frightened and good all at once. Check it out.

They’ve a flurry of UK dates later in the month, details below.

Live Dates
APR 21: UK – Birmingham @ The Actress And Bishop
APR 22: UK – Nottingham @ The Lofthouse
APR 23: UK – Leeds @ Temple Of Boom
MAY 19: UK – Brighton – Alternative Great Escape @ The Globe
MAY 21: UK – Brighton – Alternative Great Escape PIT PARTY @ Brighton Youth Centre
MAY 26: UK – London – NTS Radio “Tunnel Vision” Live Show – Filmed for NTS TV
MAY 29: UK – Cardiff PsychFest @ Fuel

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