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Newcastle borne Little Comets have emerged out of hiding to release their new single ‘Baywatch’, released on the Smallest Label on 23rd September 2020.

The song itself delves into the ideas behind toxic popular culture, how the apparent innocence of watching a television show on a Saturday night can all too easily develop into the addictive apathy of social media and its detrimental effects on our communities and humanity as a whole.

Speaking about the song, lead singer Rob Coles said: “We love the way the chorus is lyrically strange yet clear in the image it paints as it emerges from a more ethereal verse.” He adds: “The soundscape is also more unusual for us and ‘Baywatch’ should be a great one to play live as it has lots of energy.”

Heavy, right? But not completely. Little Comets have matched the almost overwhelming subject matter with an upbeat and joyful melody, designed to inspire those who hear it and entice us with the possibilities of a future where we don’t have to dance alone.

The song lends itself to a live audience, teasing us with the fantasy that we will once again be able to see our favourite bands perform in the same room as us. But until that moment comes, the Newcastle based trio intend to use the remainder of this year to release more songs into the world and eagerly await feedback from friends and fans alike.

“Sharing new songs is a part of being in a band which is always really exciting”, said bass player Matt Hall. “With everyone feeling like they’ve been cooked up and stressed for far too long, the upbeat feel of ‘Baywatch’ will hopefully bring a much needed smile to people’s faces.”

The single precedes the band’s fifth album, set to arrive early in 2021.

Listen to ‘Baywatch’ below:

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