Track: Novatines – Joyride

Bath-based rock band Novatines have released their new single ‘Joyride’ via Say Something Records.

Lyricist Jamie Beale explains:

“The sheer corruption, greed and contempt that the ruling elite has over the world. We live in a reality where billion dollar companies are literally setting fire to the planet for short term gain, while politicians skirt around the bigger picture in order to increase the digits in their bank accounts. So many of us idly stand by and watch these horrors unfold time and time again, as if the destruction of our home is nothing more than a television show, filmed in front of a live audience. Joyride is about waking from the daydream, and standing up on our hind legs and demanding that it is time for real change, because without it, we are nothing”

A rampaging riff-athon with a hint of eastern melodies over thumping drums with a singer who makes it look easy to reach those high notes as he bellows his way through. A modern day rock song with dramatic performances and standout lyrics.

Check it out, here

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